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The Craps 5 Count Method
I want to remind everyone that no matter what method of play or “System” you try; you cannot change the house advantage. These are fixed number based on the dice probabilities. In other words on a random roller the casino will win in the long run. There is one method of betting that can help you reduce your losses while increasing your comp time. It is called the 5-Count method.

In his 1994 book, Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos, Author Frank Scoblete writes about the 5 Count method of play taught to him by his friend “The Captain.” I asked Frank to explain the method for this article:
Scoblete said, “If you incorporate the Captain’s 5-Count as a part of your betting strategy, you will reduce the total number of shooters you are betting. You will actually eliminate about 57 % of the random rollers. You increase the likelihood that over the course of your session you will be on the hot shooter(s) -- if a hot shooter actually appears. You will also increase your comp value because you will be spending time at the table but exposing less of your money to the house edge.”

How it Works The 5-Count method for finding hot shooters and reducing a player’s overall risk at the craps table starts with a point number (the “point numbers” are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10) and ends with a point number. Let’s take it step by step.

A new shooter has just received the dice and is on his come-out roll. If he rolls any of the point numbers on his come-out roll, that constitutes the 1-count. If he rolls a 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12 on the come-out, the count has not started yet.

The second roll after the 1-count is automatically the 2-count, regardless of what number is rolled, and this applies to the 3-count and 4-count as well.

The next roll after the 4-count is the 5-Count only if the number rolled is again one of the point numbers above. If not, it is the 4-count and holding until the 5-Count is achieved. When the 5-Count is achieved, you then begin to place money at risk. You can make a come bet or make a place bet.

If you usually make three make come bets you can actually make your first come bet after the three count. You would then make your second come bet after the four count. You don’t take odds on your come bets until after the five count. At this time you would also make your third come bet.

Does it Work? Since the 5-Count method was first published in 1994 there has been controversy as to whether the method actually works or not. Recent research and computer simulations done by Dr. Don Catlin, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts, has shown that the 5-Count does everything the Captain said it would, perhaps even more. You can read more about the results by clicking The Proof link in the side bar.

Not all sessions will have hot shooters. I have had experiences where as soon as the 5-count was established I placed a number or made a come bet and the shooter sevened out on his next roll. However, I did find that when using the system I was spending more time at the table receiving COMP credit while actually risking less of my money by betting on every shooter. Why not give the 5-Count a try next time you visit the tables.

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