AC butch

The Life And Times Of A Professional Gambler

My name is Billy Tops

I'd like to share with you a real character I discovered on the Internet, AC Butch... I'm a man of chance myself,  from way back when gambling was a street and back rooms game. One day I was surfing the Internet looking for gambling sites, trying to find one that had some real character to it. I almost gave up, most of them had the same thing in common; they were high quality, finely tuned, professional websites, I'm sure they cost a small fortune to create, the problem was, they had no character, atmosphere or human feeling. Then it finally happened, I found AC Butch, this real live person fascinated me right from the git go, so much so that I started to do some research on him. Butch is a very large heavy set person, about 400lbs worth of large from Atlantic City N.J..

He's been a professional gambler for the past 45 years since the age of 13, a  book is currently being written about his life's story, and New Line Cinema is doing a motion picture on him. Butch is a throw back to the color-full Damon Runyon characters of old.

Butch started his professional gambling career in 1957 at the age of 13 as an action bowler. Bowling was Butch's first love, he was a great athlete and could of become a professional baseball player but couldn't resist the one on one competition of bowling, betting on himself only made it sweeter, so much so that he eventually gave up baseball all together in favor of the old fashioned smoke filled bowling alleys and the lure of wagering on himself in some classic action matches. He dislikes the modern day sterile bowling establishments. Butch's favorite gambling motion picture of all times is the Hustler, starring the late great Jackie Gleason. The big pool matches were shot at Ames in Times Square, Butch has shot pool there many times himself for money, he loved and ate up the atmosphere of the joint. Butch is originally from Brooklyn N.Y.

Butch being who he is, wasn't content with just the memory of his early glory years, so he built a website in tribute to his first love,, which has become the number one website in the world paying homage to what he calls the true legends of the game, the action bowlers.

If all this wasn't enough, Butch also teaches gambler's how to be a winner ant not just depend on lady luck for their income.

If you love gambling and characters like I do, check out AC Butch, you'll be amazed at what this Brooklyn born and raised Street kid has accomplished, and is still accomplishing on an on-going basis.